Achiever Bonus Q2 Payout Notice  2020-08-07
Public Holidays & Special Opening Hours between June and August 2020  2020-05-29
配送限時通知  2020-05-18
香港本地取貨時限通知  2020-05-14
Visa數碼驗證及Visa簡易版  2020-01-13
Declaration: Unauthorized websites selling NHT Global products are illegal  2016-08-26
鄭重聲明:請嚴格遵守會員守則  2015-12-28
徵對多次申請重發消費獎勵支票收費  2013-08-15
Solemn declaration: Members forbidden to organize or take part in private training seminars not approved by Company  2009-01-02
消費補貼及積分獎勵自動過戶服務最新通知  2008-06-30
Join us as "Bronze Member", "Silver Member" or "Gold Member" NOW!  2008-06-19
Please provide your update email address  2006-04-25
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