Solemn declaration: Members forbidden to organize or take part in private training seminars not approved by Company  2009-01-02


Dear members,


    It is hereby solemnly declared once again that, all members, in any circumstances, are forbidden to organize or take part in any private training semniars which represent NHT Global and involve the discussion of NHT Global's business, prospects or products without prior written approval from our company.


    If any members are invited to organize or take part in any private training seminars which are alleged to have been approved by our company but are in doubt on their legality, you are advised to verify with our staff by calling our Customer Service Hotline at 3107-3300.   


    If any person is found to intentionally breach the abovementioned "Members Policy and Procedures", he is subject to our strict disciplinary action, and is also punishable with the followings according to the extent of his breach:


    (1) Revoke his right to get his deserved promotional benefits (e.g. traveling rewards) in any of our promotion; and/or


    (2) Revoke his right to participate in any training seminars held by our company; and/or


    (3) Suspend his membership; or in serious cases, permanently terminate his membership.


    Thank you for your attention. 


NHT Global

January 2, 2009